Directions for use Maxisize

Apply the cream to rise to the penis, is simple – you only need to apply in the member 1 or 2 times a day. You can also use the Maxisize prior to sexual intercourse for the renovation.

The characteristics of the use of Maxisize

Directions for use

The instructions for the "Maxi" - Size tells you how to use the tool.

  • to use the cream you have every day, as the irregular use of the results is correct, it is not able to;
  • in addition, lead to an increase of the penis that is applied before sexual intercourse to increase the duration of the main proceedings is not a substitute);
  • the movement should be smooth and confident.
  • In addition, to help with a little massage.

Apply a soft cream, but the certainty of the movements, doing the tidy of massage is a member. The rate of application should be the month, if you wish, you may renew it. We have the best prices in France.

Indications and precautions in the

The composition of the natural hormones, chemicals, and other harmful substances, do not. Use a creamy, easy, and secure, if you have allergies, adverse reactions, he does not call. The constraints (contraindications) tell about the age, periods of recovery after a heart attack, stroke, and sexually-transmitted diseases, the locations of damage to the skin.

The tool is so efficient when a poor erection, premature ejaculation, under-utilized on the shaft of your penis. Pre-want to do a test of the intolerance of the individual.