Experience in the use of Maxisize

The First Clouded Leopards, Dnepropetrovsk:
"Seduced by the material of the advertisement Maxisizeplus the price of the tool. The stress of the job, the earthquake, the diet have taken place, there have been problems with achieving an erection.

The experience of the use of the Maxisize

I've decided that it's the devil, not kidding, I bought this cream for penis enlargement. If you went to 3 weeks ago that it is willing to share its experiences with the use of the cream for penis enlargement Maxisize.

First impressions

Well, what can I say, a miracle that I didn't expect it, but, at least, some of the effect is taken into account, and it showed up right away. After you have applied the cream for the first few days of the erection is noticeably improved as well. Confidence in one's self, without a fail – super, even!

The length and shape of the place, but I personally didn't expect anything. The fragrance has a Maxisize nice consistency, light-weight. Apply the cream to your penis in a uniform way, it is absorbed very quickly.

After 3 weeks

The experience of application of the cream-of-the Maxisize

The manufacturer has promised to nearly half the volume and a few inches of the length of such a result is not.

But, I've noticed:

  • with more than 1 cm in length;
  • indeed, the erection;
  • the fast excitation;
  • the extension of a sexual relationship.

The rectum to feel young and happy.

I'm going to use it any more, because of the composition and the natural, undesirable reactions don't even realize it. I think the worst thing is not exactly in the application is a simple one.

I hope that my review has been useful to you. How to use the cream, there isn't anything that difficult. There are family members who he has also helped me".