Penis: the real way of enlargement

Many men have thought of increasing the size of their penis at least once in their lives. Indeed, at all times, men with large penises are valued and coveted by women. The impressive penis size gives the owner confidence in himself and his own strength, helping to conquer and deliver unforgettable pleasure to the woman.

Now the Internet and television offer many ways and methods that you can enlarge the penis. Is this a myth or reality? Which ones are effective and which ones can’t help? How fast will the results appear? How long? These questions interest most of the male population. One thing is clear: regardless of the initial size and age of the person who wants to make the penis longer and thicker, it is possible, the main thing is the desire and belief in success.

the boy grows up and the size of the trunk

The peak of male organ growth occurs during puberty. It lasts up to about 17 years, up to 22 years, little change in size is possible. Then the penis does not grow and remains with this parameter. Constantly increasing throughout life, the penis is just a myth.

Penis size is influenced by genetic predisposition (heredity), hormones, lifestyle (proper nutrition, exercise and the absence of bad habits). In addition, often men who are dissatisfied with their penis have problems with being overweight, therefore, often, visually, the penis looks smaller. You need to understand that it is not entirely correct to judge your genitals from above. Perspectives do not allow you to draw correct conclusions and compare objectively with others.

The average size of the penis is from 12 to 17 cm in the excited state. If the length of the penis is less than 8 cm, then this is reason to think.

However, it all depends on the demands and satisfaction of the couple. The ability to give pleasure to women, the use of various positions and techniques in sexual intercourse does not directly depend on size. The main thing is to listen to your soul mate.

Penis enlargement methods

Currently, many methods have been created to satisfy the male gender’s desire to enlarge penis size. Most can be done independently at home.

Options for changing parameters:

  • method of operation;
  • elongator;
  • pam;
  • erection ring;
  • depends;
  • jelqing;
  • medicines.

Not all methods are effective, and if used improperly, these techniques can endanger the health of the penis and the condition of the body as a whole. However, with frequent use of the device, adherence to operating rules, and daily exercise, you can expect excellent results in increasing penis size.

The most effective methods, besides surgery, are extender and jelqing. They work on the principle of tissue stretching and the growth of new cells. This method has been known since time immemorial.

Some citizens, in order to satisfy the rather non-standard ideas about beauty, constantly stretch various parts of the body. African tribes in southern Ethiopia wear large jewelry on their ears and lips. Their size gradually increases, it serves as a kind of extender. In Thailand, there is a tradition of reaching unusual neck sizes. "Giraffe Woman" always adds some special neck rings and achieves amazing results. Under the influence of tensile forces, not only muscles and skin grow, but also the bone tissue of the cervical vertebrae. Based on these examples, it is safe to say that an increase in the penis is possible.

Surgical penis enlargement

penis enlargement surgery

With the help of surgery, the penis can be enlarged up to 1 cm in circumference and 6 cm in length. This method is really effective, however, no one can guarantee 100% success of the operation: there are risks and difficulties. Satisfied with the results of operations according to statistics from 17 to 35%. Therefore, it is possible to dispel the myth that the surgical way to achieve the desired size is always positive.

There are 2 types of penis enlargement surgery:

  1. Penis elongation is the surgical incision of the supporting ligament that anchors the penis to the pelvis. This relieves tension and makes most of the organs visible.
  2. Penis thickening is a technique that uses an allograft or the transfer of adipose tissue from a selected part of the body and adding it to the shaft of the penis.

Some doctors perform such operations in stages, while others simultaneously lengthen and increase the girth of the penis.

The major disadvantage of this procedure is the postoperative complications. Inflammatory processes, edema, decreased sensitivity, wound infection, bleeding are possible.

In the future, you can see a decrease in the size of the penis, its curvature, changes in the angle of erection. Therefore, it should be noted that such operations are effective, but the risk of complications is very high.

How extensions work

penis size after enlargement

Extenders are an effective way to achieve the desired results without surgery or pain. It is a device that puts on the penis and pulls it out, eliminating curvature and increasing size. Stretching results in the growth of new cells, elongation and thickening of organs. The apparatus consists of a thrust ring, a soft retaining strap and an extension rod, which allows you to adjust the amount of tensile force.

Proper use of extensions has a positive effect on male potency, increases libido (attraction), and has no side effects. The fact that the device has a negative effect on erections is nothing more than a myth.

To achieve the desired results, it is important to wear the device for at least 4 hours every day for 6 months or more. The effect achieved is permanent, over time the size of the penis will not decrease.

If you follow the instructions and rules of operation, the extender will not cause injury or inconvenience. The technique of using it is simple and accessible to anyone. If the strap is tightened too tightly, abrasions and abrasions may occur. In this case, it is recommended to relieve tension and stop training for a while.

How do pumps and chicken rings work?

a woman sees a man's penis enlarged

The operating principle of the pump is slightly different. The penis is placed in the cylinder of the device, and air is pumped out with the help of a pump. The resulting vacuum increases blood flow into the penis shaft. Blood fills the capillaries, the volume of the penis increases, and the size of the organ increases in length and width.

Such a device is used no more than 30-40 minutes. The resulting lengthening effect is not permanent, so it is best to use immediately before intercourse. In the event of misuse and abuse of the pump, hematoma, impaired blood circulation to the penis, and temporary impotence are possible.

The action of an erection ring is to block the rapid outflow of blood from the penis. This increases the duration of erections and trains the circulatory system. Usually these rings are made of silicone or latex. He was dressed at the base of an upright phallus.

For best results, a vacuum pump and a chicken ring are used together.

Hanging and jelqing: what is the essence

These 2 methods have been known since time immemorial. African tribes use it to enlarge the penis.

penis massage for enlargement

Hanging, or hanging, is a rather traumatic technique. To achieve good results, you need to be careful. First, you should prepare the penis for the procedure, do a manual massage to warm up. Then a special structure is installed on it and a light weight is hung. It is important to start with only a light load, gradually increasing its weight. After wearing, the structure is removed and the sequence is repeated. It is needed to improve the blood supply to the cavernous body. Next, hanging with a large weight is carried out again.

Hanging can be done while lying down, standing and sitting. To be successful, you need to devote a lot of time to exercising every day.

Jelqing, or "milking", is a set of exercises specially developed in ancient times to change the volume, length, weight of the penis. The method is inexpensive and easy to use, only special lubricants are needed. The point is to stretch the penis every day for 40 minutes for years. Exercise should not be done when the penis is completely erect.

Jelqing has proven to be effective, but it takes a long time to achieve results.

Pill action

Pharmacies offer a variety of drugs to change the parameters of the penis. Are they so effective in increasing penis size? Is it a myth or does it really help to eliminate the problem of small penis size?

a man with an enlarged penis

All drugs are divided into 3 groups:

  1. biologically active additives (supplements);
  2. hormone medication;
  3. pills that improve erections.

Supplements by themselves do not cause penis growth. They mainly contain common mineral and vitamin complexes that support men’s health.

Hormone preparations contain testosterone and its derivatives. They do not always cause penis growth, because the hormonal background is different for everyone and, moreover, has a negative impact on the human liver.

The erection enhancer acts on the penis, seemingly increasing its size. But the result is temporary, after finishing taking the drug, the effect disappears, the penis will return to its previous state. Therefore, the opinion that drugs can increase the length and girth of male organs is often just a myth, that is, of course it is impossible to talk about the effectiveness of all pills without exception to increase penis size.

In conclusion, it should be noted that with patience, striving for the intended goal and confidence in success, it is possible to change the size of the penis.